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Free range eggs on toast 11*
Sourdough / multigrain / seeded gluten free or raisin toast w butter & preserves 8*
Chorizo scotch eggs w avocado, manchego, spinach & seeded mustard mayo 19
Babaganoush spread on multigrain w poached eggs, candied pork belly & dukkah 16*
Vanilla bean porridge w citrus poached apple & spiced honey cornflake crumble 16
Pumpkin pancakes w orange segments, citrus mascarpone candied walnuts & Canadian maple (add crispy bacon +5) 18
Bircher w mixed berry compote, seasonal fruits, freeze dried raspberries & toasted coconut flakes 14
Breakfast burrito – scrambled egg, manchego, tomato relish, corn avocado black bean salsa w chipotle (add crispy bacon +5) 18
Veggie rosti w feta, poached egg, spinach, peas & hollandaise 16*
Citrus cured salmon on rye bagel w smashed peas, creme fraiche capers & poached egg 17
Omelette w goats cheese, chives & balsamic mushrooms on sourdough 17*
Brekkie board: mini burrito, scotch egg, mini stack pumpkin pancakes 26
Fifty Acres breakfast w free range eggs, bacon, spinach slow roast tomato, balsamic mushroom, pork sausage & potato croquette on sourdough 22*
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Wagyu burger w tomato, cos, ketchup, mustard & onion rings (add gruyère +2) 16
Green salad w soft boiled free range egg, kale, spinach, freekah, parsley, coriander, mint, cherry tomatoes, avocado & roasted buckwheat 18*
Organic quinoa salad w soft boiled free range egg, sumac corn, coriander, pomegranate, avocado, pistachio & citrus dressing (add roast chicken +4.5) 18*
Corn zucchini fritters w spinach, labneh, tomato relish, poached egg & dukkah 18*
Soup of the day 13*
Haloumi sandwich w spinach, grilled eggplant, capsicum, olive tapenade & dukkah 14
Slow roast tomato / spinach / balsamic mushrooms / potato croquette / feta / free range egg / hollandaise 4
Toulouse sausage / avocado / roast chicken 4.5
Bacon 5
Citrus cured NZ King Salmon / goat’s cheese 5.5
Peanut butter / tomato relish / chipotle / seeded mustard mayo / jam/ honey 2.5
Milk — Dukes Espresso Blend
balanced, milk chocolate, cherry, full bodied
Black — Coffee Bird
floral aroma, grape acidity, berry sweetness, creamy, rich & smooth
Filter —  
V60 pour over filter 6
Hot Chocolate 4.3
Chai latte (soy) 4.5
Organic Orange Juice  
Emma & Toms Juice
Cloudy Apple / Extreme C / Green Power / Coconut Water
Cape Grim mineral water 375ml 6
Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs
Ginger Beer / Lemonade / Blood Orange / Lemon Lime Bitters
/ TEAS /
By Storm in a teacup
Breakfast Tea / Earl Grey / Genmaicha / Chamomile / Lemonzilla / Peppermint Tea


Customers, please understand that we will always try & accommodate changes, however during busy times we will politely say no. We hope you understand. *GFA (Gluten Free Available)  


Fifty Acres is a walk-in cafe & takes reservations for one table of 5-6 people.